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Horses – Dala

I’m usually a bit sceptical about songs that talk about people wanting to be free, or needing to be free, or being free or getting free or whatever. It tend to be a lazy songwriter’s motif when they can’t think of anything to write that actually means anything. Occasionally however someone will get away with it, but not often. Off hand I can only think of Famous Blue Raincoat. Anyway here’s Dala getting away with it in style. I’m always a sucker for beautifully sung songs that sound like someone has worked hard on them.

There’s something about the details in this song that makes it work ‘I don’t look like my photos’, the key under the stone, the horses watching the cars. It feels like it was thought out pretty carefully.

Dala are new to me although I think they’ve been around for a while. I’m presently listening to their back catalogue – it’s full of things like this.

“She wears her body like a lifetime achievement,
It fills the silence when she doesn’t know the words,
And he is working on his lifetime achievement,
But all they want is to be instantly intimate.”

Lonely Girl